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IOD Mediation Discussion Document


Over recent years the cost of litigation has continued to sky rocket.  With the Court System becoming increasingly under pressure, the cost and time requirements can act as a major drag to a business.

Mediation represents a cost and time effective method of resolving disputes.  The Mediator acts to facilitate and assist the parties in resolving their problems.

The Classic  Model is a day (which can sometimes be extended) where the parties meet and then the Mediator works with them individually in separate rooms to establish what each is prepared to do.  Proponents of Mediation provide figures which suggest that Mediation is successful the vast majority of the time.  Although I would encourage you to take a large dose of salt with this rather partial assessment I have seen some very intractable  disputes  resolved in this way.

JCF Interest

JCF is a trained mediator


Panel of IOD members to act as Mediators for other IOD Members in respect of their disputes.  The use of Pall Mall as a site to host mediations would also be appropriate and show an element of leadership.  (There would clearly be a cost to the parties from doing this).

Some administrative support to assist in setting up the days etc.  This will not be a full time role.


  • Portraying a forward looking organisation committed to helping its Members and their businesses
  • Room hire at the IOD Pall Mall
  • Arrangement fees for Mediators  (% for IOD or flat fee)
  • Another reason to join the IOD

What Next?

There are a number of organisations which provide Mediation services nationally and internationally.  At some point there is likely to be some form of Joint Venture (at least initially).

JCF would be interested in putting this together for the IOD not least because it would ensure that he got onto the Panel!

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