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Business Restructure

Insolvency Practitioners are well versed in constructing business recovery plans, helping businesses restructure; it is possible for us to help the business improve cash flow and trade out of insolvency but there are other ways to do this too.

Business restructuring can help you:

  • Return to profit by managing cashflow, decreasing costs and generating a new focus for the business.  
  • Negotiate repayment plans with HMRC, major lenders and major creditors
  • Support you during restructuring to create stability and peace of mind by our business advisor acting in an executive capacity alongside existing management

Business restructure

without cash flow a business is not going to function very well for very long. When cash flow stops working as it should things can get bad quite quickly. debts can mount up and insolvency becomes are real concern. Restructuring a business can be a very useful way of getting out of this kind of situation. In some cases trading out of debt is possible by simply increasing productivity, sales or profit margins but it isn't always an option. It is at this point business restructure can come to the rescue. Our experienced team can help you analyse your business, the costs, the essential and non-essential resources, staff, offices and more. By understanding exactly what is essential and what can be changed we can help businesses reduce costs and move out of a poor cashflow and debt situation. Company restructure can be more than just looking at costs and staff however, we also look at the legal and operational aspects too.

Restructure under administration

In some cases corporate restructure is part of a process where a company under administration has a chance to improve it's situation. Our team are highly experienced in high level corporate restructure and can advise from before a company enters administration right through to a time when they can hopefully exit the situation positively or in a way the works for all stakeholders..

Small business restructure

It's not just big businesses that turn to restructuring, in many cases it can be very effective for small and medium sized businesses too. in many cases some simple changes can have a substancial effect on a small business that is in trouble. small businesses are often run by people who don't have years of experience in business and can find themselves with costly infrastructure and overheads that can be easily removed.

Other reasons to restructure

while business restructure is often associated with insolvency and poor cashflow it can also be a very useful tool for a business facing changes outside of their control. Economic and environmental factors can make a profitable business take stock and rethink the long term plan. Covid-19 is an example of an external factor that has seen thousands of businesses have to turn on a dime and move to new products and service models. Business restructure can play a very important role is planning and keeping a business afloat even before it is in any trouble. By taking control of the business structure and making the right changes a business can cope with massive change and survive.

Professional advice is essential

Turning around a business without professional advice is difficult - special skills are required, particularly sound commercial judgement.  We will assess your situation and provide straightforward commercial advice and sensible solutions.

If the business cannot be rescued and the best option is to find a buyer, our Insolvency Practitioners can act as receivers and administrators during this period so the business can to continue to trade while new owners are found.  

Although a last resort, our Insolvency Practitioners can act as liquidators and assist in winding the company up. We can assist by providing practical advice as to potential liabilities, contractual obligations, realising assets and commercial negotiations in order to minimise cost.

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We give free and impartial advice on restructuring and turnaround from our offices in Bromley and Leicester, if our Insolvency Practitioners can save your business so that you can trade your way back into profit, we will.  

Please call us on 0345 260 0101 and talk with one of our Insolvency Practitioners.

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